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What is an ASC Customer?


Automatic service is a program developed to aid our customers in preventive maintenance and service of their equipment. Canns-Bilco will automatically contact them and initiate a service call to keep their equipment in peak operating condition. This is done in the equipment's “off season” to minimize disruption to the customers schedule. 


WHO –  All purchasers of new equipment from Canns-Bilco have the option at time of purchase to become an Automatic Service Customer. This applies to all gas-powered equipment.



WHAT –  Our Automatic Service Program allows Canns-Bilco to pick-up and perform off-season maintenance on the customers lawn & garden equipment. This is not a “Service Contract” or “Maintenance Agreement” and there is no enrollment charge to the customer.



WHEN –  Automatic service is typically arranged to be performed on the equipment's “off season”. For example, service to lawn mowers and tractors, which are normally used from spring thru fall, would be scheduled in the winter months.  (December thru March).  Snowblowers would normally be serviced in the late early fall months of September-November.



WHY   You have chosen to purchase a quality piece of power equipment with high expectations for performance and longevity. Preventive maintenance is a very important part of protecting your investment and ensuring many years of satisfied operation. Although each manufacturer may have their own service requirement and intervals regarding fluid changes, performance adjustments, etc., they all recommend that the equipment be properly serviced.



HOW – Some adjustments and services require tools and knowledge that the average homeowner does not possess. Our service department has the tools and the experience to maintain your equipment. Allowing us to service your equipment will result in optimum performance of the equipment, and peace of mind for you.



COST –  Your itemized invoice will be for the actual labor, parts, fluids, and environmental costs associated with the service of your equipment. All labor time and required parts are computer tracked to ensure an accurate repair bill. 



PICK-UP & DELIVERY –  As an Automatic Service customer, you will enjoy a pick-up and delivery at ½ of our normal rates for your area. This applies during the automatic service window only. At other times regular rates apply.


WARRANTY   Our service department has a written warranty policy for the work performed. Generally, the warranty covers service work performed for a period of 90 days from date of repair. As an automatic service customer, this warranty period will start on April 1st for summer equipment, (mowers, tillers, tractors, etc.) and Nov 1st for winter equipment. (Snow blowers) 



EXAMPLE OF COVERED REPAIRS – We service your mower and replace an engine seal and gasket and you later discover oil leaking from the engine at the point the parts were replaced.  



EXAMPLE OF REPAIRS NOT COVERED –  We service your mower and replace an engine seal and gasket, you use the mower for some period of time, and the transmission quits working. 

We recommend you review your service invoice after any repairs, so you know exactly what service was performed on the equipment. This will allow you to know if a service problem is a result of our service work, or a new unrelated problem.



PRIORITY SCHEDULING – If for any reason you have a problem with equipment that was serviced as part of our Automatic Service Program, our service department will give your equipment priority scheduling for the entire season. Even if our service department wait is 4 weeks, we will evaluate your equipment within 48 hours of receipt of your equipment. If it is determined that the problem is not related to prior service and thus not covered by our service warranty, you will be charged for any required service. 



ADDITIONAL BENEFITS   We keep accurate individual files of service work performed for all Automatic Service customers, allowing us a complete service history of their equipment. By doing this, we can better assess what service may be needed and provide the owner with service documentation if they would choose to trade-in or sell the equipment in the future. 

Estimates on Automatic Service, or a particular part of a job will be gladly done upon request. 

Our service manager, is available if you have any questions or need immediate assistance he can reached at (610) 820-0222 ext. 7502.

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